All kinds of yumminess.

I've been uberproductive today. And that "uber" should have an umlaut over the u, but alas, I can't figure out how to do that. Anyhow, I finished up my spring semester syllabi this morning and moved right along to baking peppermint cookies, using the recipe posted back in December by this awesome gal here.

You might ask, why in the world are you baking holiday cookies NOW, Rachel? Why didn't you bake those in December? And the answer is, because I'm cheap. If you wait until after Christmas, you can totally buy candy canes for a pittance. Mere cents on the dollar, people! Wal-mart practically pays you to take them. No, actually I bought the candy canes back before Christmas and then got annoyed when I didn't get around to making the cookies and saw candy canes priced way down later. Oh well. Such is life.

The real answer is because I suck, okay. There. I said it. I am a crappy person who doesn't get around to making holiday cookies until January. And even now, I'm only making them because a) I like to eat cookies, b) I like wearing an apron, and c) I like making lists using letters as bulleted points.

Also fun about baking these cookies was that they call for ten crushed candy canes, so I put them in a sandwich bag and then beat the hell out of them with a coffee mug. It was loud. Really loud. Great way for us passive-aggressive folk to take out pent-up anger. Or frustration over one's husband, who might be, say, sleeping in the bedroom down the hall and hitting the snooze button on his alarm. Repeatedly. For over an hour. You know, just for instance. Hypothetically speaking.

The fun pictures are over at i made my day, if you're dying to see a blurry picture of me in an apron. I know I would be.

After the cookies were made and iced, Eli and I took a plate of them over to our nearest neighbors. They are the sweetest elderly couple. But we did discover not to go over there unless we want to talk for at least a half an hour. We'll have to go back with Mog in tow to entertain them.

In other news, I've embarked on yet another scrappy/journally project that I probably will not finish. Hey, what else is new? You can check out details if you like, over at em falconbridge's blog, another one of my favorite artsy crafty scrappy chicks. For this project I'm decorating used envelopes and then doing my journaling on index cards that I'll tuck inside. Here's the first:

I got this made last night after I put Mog to bed. It was fun, fun. I love messing around with paint.

If and when I finish at the end of the year (or maybe sometime along the way), I'll probably punch holes through the corners of the envelopes and join them all on a jump ring. That's what I'm thinking right now, anyway.

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