For shits and giggles.

We drove over to Terre Haute today with Brian, just to visit Gander Mountain (for the boys) and Jo-Ann's (for me). Eliot thought the mounted deer heads and buffalo head in Gander Mountain were hilarious. And he got out of the cart and walked around the store with Eli and Brian without taking off or being obnoxious. He mostly followed right along with them and didn't wander.

Too much excitement for one of us.

En route.

Me trying to capture myself blowing a bubble in the rearview mirror.

Eli with his girlfriend Tiff the hunter chick.

We did Olive Garden for lunch and Eliot continued his good behavior right on through the meal, which was fabulous. I ventured away from my usual and ordered the brazed beef and tortelloni--mouthwatering! It's absolutely my new favorite. Super tender beef and delicious portabella mushrooms. Best meal ever.

After lunch we drove back home. Eli and I took turns with Mog. He and Brian went into town to peruse the record store while I stayed at home and played, and then I got a turn having time to myself. I went into town to get a Starbucks fix and sat there reading a book and sipping some White Chocolate Mocha Espresso. Sadly, the Peppermint Mocha Twist was a seasonal drink, so I had to say bon voyage to it and am currently searching for a new favorite.

When I got home, Mog and I got into a massive pillow fight, bonking each other in the head repeatedly. Cause that's the way we do it around here.

A good day was had by all. :)

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