I still use Country Crock.

Ah, New Year, you're still so fresh and gorgeous. All these calendar pages stretching out before me with endless possibility.

Eli hung pictures/decor in our office for me just a few days ago, agreeing to PUT HOLES IN THE WALL. Amazing! And one of the elements of the room that I love the most is my 2009 calendar. (The link goes to the small version, and I have the large, but you get the idea.)

It's so lovely and blank, with its 365 days all at a glance, just waiting to be filled with appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, and other everydayness.

It pleases my soul, just like a fresh tub of butter with its undisturbed swirl. You know, the "bellybutton" of the butter. Yum. You can't beat that.

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Adriane said...

very pretty! I love fresh starts as well. We are restructuring every thing we do with school and I am working on my entire year's worth of library lists and activities. We had so much fun with our advent calendar that I decided to do one for every month of the year. I am also going to do the Quilt Block of the Month Club, and supposedly make a quilt in one year. WE'LL SEE!!