Books and blocks and trains, oh my!

We are in love with the library. Tonight when we needed to get out of the house so that the realtor could show it (our first showing!), we went to the library to hang out for awhile.

They have a Thomas the Tank Engine train set with magnetic train cars and a winding track, wooden blocks, and all manner of other toys, in addition to shelves upon shelves of books.

Eliot loves it here. When we visit during the day, we always make the long climb up the stairs to the third floor to say hello to our friend Kate, the coolest reference librarian in town. (Hi, Kate!)

Other momentous happening of the day: the haircut! Check it out. He's a big boy now. No more being mistaken for a girl.

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Elecia said...

Who is this big boy, and where is my teenie weenie super guy?