The weekend update.

8:41 on a Saturday night. Eli, Ethan, and Brian are in the living room watching the third Rambo movie, Eliot is in his bedroom snoozing, and I'm in bed blogging.

We've had a nice weekend so far. Eliot actually has been whiny and crabby from Thursday to just this evening, but it's amazing how a couple of hours of delight and giggling can make one forget all that. Well, almost.

I think he might be cutting more teeth. In any case, he's had a low fever off and on and we gave him some Tylenol earlier in the evening, and once it kicked in, he was suddenly the happiest boy alive. He decided that he DOES like the feel of grass on his feet after all, and snorted and giggled his merry way around the backyard as the four of us played washers. He stood up by himself for about 30 seconds, his longest time yet, and was content to walk around with me holding just one of his hands, which usually pisses him off. For whatever reason he decided it was funny and he was all about it. 180 degree turnaround.

He played with the neighbors' granddaughter and let her wheel him around in his little car. He looks like such a big boy in that thing. I followed right along behind, worried that she would propel him down the driveway and into the street if I wasn't within quick catching distance.

Earlier this afternoon we all went to see M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" while Eliot stayed with the neighbors. We know them well, but he's never stayed with them before, and I was nervous how it would go, but he did fine. I guess I'm always worrying for no reason. He really CAN function without me.

But he was also glad to see me walk back in the door.

Then later, playing outside, he gave me big slobbery kisses all over my face, and then bit me on the chin. Yow! What a rat.

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