June, such as it is.

Behold, yesterday's 12 on the 12th photo collage:

We've (and when I say "we," I mean Eli) been in home improvement mode lately, trying to get this house ready to put on the market in anticipation of either finding a new house, or possibly building a new house. Hence, the new wicker furniture to spiff up the porch and make it seem more like a useable, cozy space, and the new backyard deck that got stained yesterday.

Other highlights from the day include the fluffball mystery novel I'm slogging my way through right now for no apparent reason other than to be reading something that doesn't require the use of any grey matter, Eliot supervising the other Heicher men's work from his stroller + a shot of his adorable little tootsies + a shot of him when he FINALLY decided to take a nap, thank God.

Also, our greasy Little Caesar's lunch, my new beverage obsession, Vitamin Water, which Eli purchased for me in bulk for my birthday (and gave to me early because I looked like I needed cheering up, he said), and my newly shaven legs. I finally shaved them on Wednesday morning, mostly as an experiment to see whether Eli would actually notice. He hasn't yet. It's now Friday. Lending credence to my, "see, it REALLY is pointless" theory.

Then MaMa, Libby, and Gavin stopped over to visit on their way back from hiking in the nearby park. We had a nice, albeit hot and sticky, supper at Dog N Suds, which I forgot to document, so I had to settle for this shot of Lib & Gav admiring my scrapbook. Oh well. It works.

So that was my yesterday. How was yours?

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Rachel said...

I forgot to mention Mumford Gomez Longtail Fastlegs Fluffy McGarnegal Heicher. Otherwise known as "that puking, shitting, biting cat."

I'm a terrible catmom.