In sickness and in health.

I'm going to my doctor this afternoon to have him look at my poor, swollen, sore throat. I've been in incredible pain and barely able to talk or swallow since Friday evening. I keep examining my tonsils in the mirror with a flashlight and then making Eli look at them too. He was whining this morning, "Why do I have to look at your throat AGAIN? What do you want me to say? You're sick, okay. Go to the doctor."

I was like, "Listen, Buster. I feel like shit, so the least you can do is look down my throat and share in the horror. And look, my uvula is touching my tongue!"

But to his credit, Eli's been great about entertaining Eliot all weekend and letting me rest. Eliot's been a total Daddy's boy all weekend. I think he's been missing him lately, since he works so much. All day yesterday and Saturday, any time Eli would go outside without him, Eliot would crawl up to the window, stand up and bang on it with his palms and holler, "Dadda, Dadda, Dadda!"

They even took baths together, which was hilarious. It was hard to stay bitter and cranky about not feeling well with all that giggling and splashing coming from the bathroom.

Eli made me promise not to get him in the picture, but here you can see his leg and a barely visible tattoo under the water. Mmmm...leg.

One of the other highlights of the weekend was that we went driving around just to get out of the house, thinking that we might go through some open houses just to look at floor plans and whatnot. (I hate that word, "whatnot." It's a stupid word.) And anyway, as we're driving meanderingly around a subdivision with street names like "Carriage Lane" and "You Can Never Own Enough Eddie Bauer White Button-Down Shirts Drive," Eli pulls to a stop in front of a house and I'm confused because there isn't a realty sign in front. This isn't the one we're looking for. And then he pops the trunk on the car and I see him approach the trash cans and pile of junk by the curb and I'm like, "Oh God, he's stealing something out of their trash," thinking that it's probably some scrap metal or something. But it turned out to be this, with a big sign on it that said "free."

So we went home, hung it in our dining room, and now it looks like we live at TGI Friday's.
But we figure, hey, why not?

We're also still taking bets on what those brownish orange blobs pictured on the right-hand side are supposed to be. I mean, I'm clearly seeing a fruit theme, what with the apple, grapes, and pear, but what are those blobs? Eli originally said mushrooms, while I voted potatoes, but upon further examination, I'm going with really big kiwi.

Now we're just waiting to see what the superdelegates have to say.

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Elecia said...

I think it's a garnish. Or maybe a strange little brick of cheese.