In the moment.

Currently, I am:

*Playing Words With Friends on my Android phone. I'm mrs.breadpony, should you wish to start a game with me. Is it weird that I'm delighted that Steven can totally kick my ass at this game?!

*Listening to the Florence + the Machine channel on Pandora Radio. I may never change this channel.

*Crying over this stoopid rental house:

Roaches, water leaks, broken air conditioning, plaster falling from the ceiling?! I'm very afraid of what's next...

*Being cheered up by these two serenading me in the car. "When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change...":

They always know how to make it all better.

I have the day to myself today. I predict a lot of lounging about, pointless internet browsing, and sitting on the porch with bare feet, reading a book and/or stitching. These are my goals.

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nancy said...

Currently I am...

Playing: electronic handheld Yahtzee. While in the bathroom. Yep.

Listening to: Yelle

Crying over: stupid stupid stupid depression

Cheered up by: working out and talking to my sis at the same time.