This summer will be the first time since Eliot was four months old that I've really been a stay-at-home Mom. I'm both looking forward to and dreading spending so much time together. ;)

Today is a Mommy and Eliot day, and so far...we're both surviving. He has built a fort out of the couch:

and generously helped Mommy by opening the mail:

I have a feeling I will be ready for school to start again once August rolls around...LOL

Having a constant little helper is not all bad, though. He's been entertaining me with his hilarious thoughts and questions: "What's inside of a carrot? You wanna play cops and robbins with me? What's inside of walls? *pounding on the wall with his fist* I think I hear bricks inside this wall."

And...he likes being crafty! Usually this involves paper and scissors and results in a million tiny slivers of paper all over the floor and him standing in the midst of it, shaking his head, "Mom, this is ridicleous! I think we're gonna need the vacuum for this."

We've gotten started on a more productive collaboration, however. Every time Eliot sees me stitching something, he asks two questions: 1) Is that for me? and 2) Is it a tractor? Finally, I can say, "Yes. And yes."

My mom found a package of quilt blocks with tractors, and after debating a bit how I should stitch them (Admire the lovely chain stitch on the tire, which is supposed to look more like "tread."), I decided this was something Eliot and I could work on together.

He's coloring; I'm stitching. Our first block is John Deere:

There are five more tractor blocks left. We're thinking Allis Chalmers, Minneapolis-Moline, International, Ford, and Massey Ferguson...

Wish us luck. We may need it! :D


Linda said...

Eliot sounds like lots of fun! Love your embroidered tractor:)

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Your block looks wonderful! I love that the two of you are working together on it.

Katie Landon said...

Linda is right, it does look fun! I'm a little worried about Dexter making it back to Netflix without a return envelope, and excited about hanging out in the couch fort I just made. "What's inside a carrot?" I think you've made my day by sharing that one. Little kids make stupendous philosophers. :)

chksngr said...

Awesome! I love the tractors...what a cool idea! I'm not even the stay at home person and I can't wait for August! lol

Mollie. said...

What a wonderful collaboration! Way to go on letting him be a part of such a great project...