And then our creative vision began to diverge.

Remember the embroidered tractor quilt project? Yeah, that one. The one in the post below this.

Well, Eliot must have decided that the tractors were a bit too minimalist for his taste. What they really need, apparently, is smoke roiling from the smoke stack, forks on front and back, with big black bales of hay on each, and a cab. He assures me that this one has air conditioning and a television inside the cab. (Oh, you thought they looked like random scribbles? Well. You're wrong.)

Oh well. I'm not one to stifle creativity. Just wondering how the hell I'm going to stitch it...LOL


nancy said...

omg... the title of this post CRACKED ME UP. Srsly. That is too funny.

chksngr said...

He's just keepin' real...I mean what's with trying to force him into the old school tractor, anyway? THese days, on the corporate farms, they have cabs and ac and weather equipment and mp3 players...seriously, mom...:-) He's got imagination, that one! I love it!