More scrap.

Made all of these pages last weekend at the mother-in-law's while Mog helped Grandma make apple pie. (Can you see the tiny wooden rolling pin he's using?!)

A good time was had by all. Well, except Daddy, who was busy putting a new roof on Grandma and Grandpa's house. We were all productive! :)

[insert photo]

I added journaling to this one later, but forgot to re-photograph. I drew it in by hand around the outside border of the page. Kind of gives it a bit of needed pop. Since I was stealing Mom's pictures to scrap, I gave this one to her.

Stole this one of Libby, though. It wanted to live in my album.

Another for Mom's album:

[insert photo]

At some point I'll probably journal on it, but didn't have the words just then.

This one photographed weird; the background paper is cream, not blue like it looks here.

Gotta go now--diaper to change! Mog did sit on the toilet this morning, though, so...progress?

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Adriane said...

I love the one of mom's house, very nicely done!