I want my facebook!

Yeah, that title was supposed to be reminiscent of the old "I want my MTV!" chants of the late 80's, early 90's. Doesn't work so well in type. My email friend and I often bemoan the difficulty of conveying sarcasm online. We've decided to invent a sarcasm font, a letter design that will alert readers instantly to the presence of snark. Alas, we are both much too lazy to engineer such an undertaking, and after all, part of the beauty of sarcasm is its very sneakiness, correct?

But. This is all beside the point.

The point right now is that I have been unable to log onto Facebook for almost a week now, and I'm having withdrawals. My "friends" say they can't see my page either. Facebook says it's "experiencing a few bugs" and will have them worked out as soon as possible. Somewhere, there is a room full of socially inept coders and debuggers working diligently to restore my ability to spy on old high school classmates and current co-workers alike. This is comforting. [insert sarcasm font]


Anonymous said...

Try changing your password

Rachel said...

Thanks for the tip. It didn't work, but oh well. Guess I'm just out of the loop for now.