I was just sitting here watching some home movies from earlier this year--particularly the one we took of Eliot opening his gifts on his 2nd birthday. That one saddens me in so many ways--because my baby boy has grown SO quickly. The changes in him, in his speech and in his body, particularly, are drastic, and it's only been six short months! I also know, watching that video from my relatively safe vantage point here in the future, that in two weeks Eliot and I will have moved into an apartment, that there will be a lot of heartbreak in store for both of us, and a lot of mending to be done.

But most of all when I watch that video I am sad that I didn't get him any cars for his birthday. I wrapped a couple of his gifts in Disney Cars wrapping paper because he was just starting to be interested in Cars the movie (though his real love was trains, and especially Thomas). So though the wrapping paper was Cars, the gifts in them were not, and in the video he sits there unwrapping gift after gift and pouting, "Cars? Cars?" always holding out hope that the next package will have cars in it. Alas, it does not. And I sit here watching, thinking, maybe...oh wait...maybe... Even though I know darn well that he gets alphabet flashcards, a travel Thomas the Tank Engine playset, Play-doh, two new coloring books, and a fresh pack of crayons.

Sorry, little dude. Guess next time I'll know better.

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