Please excuse the warped looking edges of my pages. They don't look that way in person; I just haven't mastered the art of photographing and properly cropping my pages. As Dad would say, "It's good enough for who it's for." Ha ha.

I didn't prepare anything to work on for the crop--it was sort of a last minute whim, so I just grabbed a stack of recent photos and went for it. Not surprisingly, I ended up with many pages focused on the Mog.

I think this one was my favorite. I liked the way my hand accidentally smudged the ink around the title. It gives the page a very comic book feel, I think. (Notice the paint--pink paint CAN work on a boy page! Me likey! You?)

My only non-Mog page was of my grandma's flip flops, a story I've been wanting to tell for awhile now, so it felt good to get that down.

And...I'm spent. *sigh* Actually, there is one more that isn't quite finished yet, one that I fussed and fussed with (characteristically) until I just couldn't stand it and banished it to the scrap bag out of my sight. Might finish it later; might not.

But for now--on to the syllabus planning! Today is my last Monday of summer vacation.
Do you hear the chorus of tiny violins playing for me? Do you?

Next week it's back off to work (real work!) for me. Stay tuned for adventures in freshman composition! ;)

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E said...

Glad to see the page about Grandma, but feeling a bit of guilt that I haven't even started the project I have planned about her.