Country mouse visits the city.

5 lessons I learned during my ramblings today: 1) It takes forever and forever and forever to get anywhere on the CTA. 2) The CTA smells of BO. 3) Also, the CTA smells like old people. 4) I'm a fat girl now, but due to my thyroid dysfunction, I still don't sweat. I just redden and get splotchy looking after walking blocks and blocks and blocks in the sun. 5) Even very old men will stare blatantly at a young woman's breasts, even if that young woman is fat, red, and splotchy.

I braved the city on my own today, after explicit lessons from Seth on how to take the CTA down to the Bucktown/Wicker Park area. Giving me directions must have been not unlike explaining the Internet to someone who's never turned on a computer before. "Okay, you see this thingy on your right? With the cord? That's called a 'mouse.' You see that arrow on your screen? That's your cursor. Repeat after me: "cur-sor."

I think he was half afraid that I'd get confused and just end up riding the bus to the end of the line, crawling under the seats and hiding there until I cried myself to sleep. Oh no, wait. That was me who thought that.

Anyway, I made it to the bus stop, got on the correct bus going the correct direction, exited the bus when I intended, and all was well. I browsed a bit and treated myself to a new pair of earrings. Behold:

I also stopped for a blueberry pineapple smoothie and consumed ridiculous quantities of coffee over the course of the afternoon. Seriously. Ridiculous.

And tonight: Tori! :)


Rachel said...

And, yeah, that picture really wasn't so much to show off my earrings as my bodacious boobs.
I can't help it.
I was a middle child.
Loooook at meeeeeee! Loove meeeee!

Seth said...

Well, lordy, lordy, look what you done did while I was making me some paper tubes! Sister, I am quite proud of your CTA skillz. You's a winner in my heart!

Anonymous said...

You do have some rockn boobage. Love ya. Eli

Elecia said...

WOW, yeah, that's all i got. just WOW