A little too much bling.

I've been on a mini-book spree lately. This is the one I made for my soon-to-be niece, who should be arriving on or around September 12. I started out by grabbing a bunch of pink papers, but the whole thing just kept getting glitzier and glitzier, and by the time I was finished it really looked more like a pre-teen bling-fest than a new baby girl album. No matter. I think once there are photos in it it will be toned down substantially.

I did something very similar for Libby's 15th birthday--15!

It has a lot of vintage papers, pages from dictionaries, encyclopedias, and so forth. I spread a bit of gesso on most of them to make them suitable for journaling.

And I could have sworn I took pictures of it before I gave it to her, but I can't find them on my harddrive for anything. So maybe I didn't? Who knows. My brain is mush just now. In any case, it was quite a lovely little book and I hope she does use it. We shall see.

Back tomorrow with tales of woe and mirth from the brand spanking new semester! ;)

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