Strollers have wheels, and other amazing discoveries.

Yes, folks, strollers have wheels. Turns out they're not just for parking the kid under the trees while one sits in a lawnchair nearby and reads a book. Who knew?

We used to do this all the time last summer and fall; baby Eliot loved watching the patterns the light made as it fell through the leaves of the trees. No matter how cranky he was, he'd quiet right down the moment we stepped outside. (Needless to say, it's been a rather long winter.)

But this morning, we ventured out to take advantage of the sunshine and warmth, and we trekked up thighmaster hill, around calf-killer curve, and down to the park a few blocks from our house to try out the baby swings for the first time.

As you can see, the trip was a rousing success, and a good time was had by all. Or both, in this case.

I went off without my camera (major scrapbooking sin), so I had to capture the moment with my phone instead. Thus, the crappy quality photos.

I also made the mistake of wearing my bright green mesh water shoes that I bought for our trip to Mexico a couple of years ago (oh times, how you have changed). Because the green makes my feet happy. But the soggy mulch on the playground had absorbed more than its quota of water, and when I stepped in it, it soaked directly into my shoes and drenched my socks, which did not make my feet happy.

Oh well, can't please everyone all the time.

We're definitely getting Eliot a baby swing of his own for his 1st birthday, to hang on the porch.
Shh! Don't tell him. He's going to freaking love it.

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