Spaghetti! Spaghetti!

Eliot has been eating more and more "big people" food and less and less baby food. We all had spaghetti for lunch today, and it was the first food that we let him try to eat on his own that wasn't really meant to be a finger food. He's eaten Cheerios, raisins, craisins, puffy snacks, and these way cool rice cookies, but never anything remotely as messy as spaghetti. And ah, what fun!

We were a little unsure about whether to give him a plate or just load food onto his highchair tray. He really hasn't ever used a plate before. Sure enough, after the novely of squishing the new food through his chubby little fingers wore off, he wanted to see how much fun it would be to pick up the plate, bang it on the tray and watch tiny pieces of spaghetti fly all over the room. This is the carnage left behind:

(Note the vintage Six Flags plate, featuring the Log Flume; it's the only plastic, nonbreakable plate we own.)

And, of course, the cleanup. Yes, I know, the hair is getting WAY long. We'll cut it someday. Soon. Maybe.

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