Well baby.

Eliot had his well baby visit to the pediatrician yesterday. He says our boy is "tall and slender" for his age. Well, yeah. Have you seen the child's father?
Also told us to get rid of the walker, as it delays motor development; he should be pulling up and standing by now. Whatever.
He'll stand when he wants to stand. I don't think putting him in a walker every once in a while is going to significantly deter any of his abilities. Like...well, Eliot could have been a professional basketball player; it's just too bad his parents used a walker and it took him four weeks longer to stand than the average baby. Such a shame. He could have been great.

Classes start on Monday--SO not ready. Better get off of here and get some work done.

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Adriane said...

You are so funny, Rachel! You always make me laugh. I don't usually listen to half of the doctor's advice on raising kids. Actually my doctor quit giving me advice 3 children ago, and now he just asks me what I am doing with them, so he can keep records in their charts.