I still have days where I'm completely convinced that I'm going to accomplish something grand.

Today will be the day that I finish all these little projects that I have started and am in the middle of. December Daily album: no sweat. Embroidered gifts that I didn't finish in time for Christmas: today's the day! Organize and clean: watch out, duplex, you're not going to know what hit you! I generally have all these illusions of grandeur while I'm lying in bed the night before, my brain humming with the excitement of potential productivity.

Nevermind what history tells us! Nevermind that I have had lofty intentions for almost every single day of the year, and yet have managed not to follow a single project through to completion. Seriously, I can't even commit to washing an entire sink full of dishes before I get bored or distracted and leave off to wander about, wasting time away on piddly, nonessential tasks. Or, I've been known to collapse onto the couch and fall asleep, no matter what time of day it is. 9:30 in the morning? Oh, I'm so sleepy! 11:00? I'll just rest here a moment before lunch. And then suddenly lunch is supper and supper is bedtime and I have done absolutely nothing all day long. I am excellent at doing nothing. I excel at wasting time. It's a talent.

Anyway, to make myself feel better about not having accomplished a single thing today, here is a glimpse of a few projects I'm currently (not) working on:

December Daily album cover
(kit from belladrummer)

Day 1 (postcard from belle and boo)

more Day 1

Day 2

more Day 2

Day 4

Day 6

 I'm only up to Day 10 so far on my December album. I swear I'm going to finish it before December ends. Maybe. It could happen.

Here is something that is finished:

fun cross stitch (pattern by andwabisabi)
I know what you're thinking: "My, you certainly have one of the loveliest left thumbs I've ever seen."
Thank you.

I also finished a Christmas gift for Steven. And yes, those are Nerf gun bullets in the dish beside the Godzilla cross stitch. That's a sentence that may never before have been constructed in the entire history of the English language.
pattern by bombastitch

Here is one of my uncompleted stitching projects. I'm embroidering this princess and the pea onto a tote bag for my niece. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift. Oops.
pattern by kloin

And here is one of the reasons I haven't been able to finish any of my ongoing projects lately:

Everytime I try to sit and work on something, this knucklehead climbs up onto my neck and demands a ride. Here he's saying, "Look, Mom! I'm making horns!" I knew it! Devil child!

Nah. Actually, he's pretty amazing. I can't complain. He's my best unfinished work, after all.


chksngr said...

I love the nerf bullets next to godzilla sentence! You are right! The things we find ourselves saying!! I want to do a page, "Things I never imagined I'd say" "Don't lick the window" and "Get Tigger out of your pants" would be on the top of the list! I like your unfinished work. It makes me feel like maybe I'm way more normal than I thought! :-)

Adriane said...

Looks to me like you've accomplished quite a bit.

Elecia said...

the pic of dec 1st is really good considering Eliot took it. Perhaps he is a shutterbug in the making!!