A few good things.

There may not be any good men left, but there are a few things making me happy right now.
(This is where I go all Pollyanna on yer ass.)

1. Music: The xx, Pink, and Broken Bells are on heavy rotation lately. All making me smile.

2. Reading Material: issues of BUST magazine, the local daily newspaper, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo are in my "currently reading" basket next to my couch.

3. My NEW COUCH! (photo forthcoming!)

4. Mog: Always, of course! He's been cracking me up lately with his vocabulary. Yesterday he picked up a stick in the yard and asked, "Mom, is this stick humongous?" And today he asked whether it would be "hilarious" if he took off his shoes and stomped in a puddle with his bare feet. (As it turned out, the answer was "Yes.")

5. My new spectacles. Finally, eyewear that fits my personality. :)

6. This skirt.

7. This silly person with the pleather hat.

8. This city.

9. My besties.

10. This television show.

So...that's me. Right now. How about you? What's your pleasure?


Enjoy the Ride said...

How funny... before I read your post I had blogged about what was making me happy to day. Must be some good vibrations in the air this weekend... so glad to see things that are making you smile! Will be looking out for a photo of your couch...

Steven Panepinto said...

Good list =)

chksngr said...

Awesome list...love your new spec's. Really like your smiling face!!!

Amy said...

Lurvve the specs!
Right this very minute I am very happy that my heater is working - it is cold .... I know, superficial ;-)

Tracy said...

How honored do I feel to be in your besties. Right back at you.