Time off.

So to celebrate my first full day of Thanksgiving break, I had a wisdom tooth extracted.

Yeah, that was smart.

Actually, it WAS smart because it had been bothering me for awhile and my cheek had swollen to the point where I could no longer chew food on that side of my mouth. My dentist assured me that full chewing function should be restored by Thursday, safely in time for the turkey and pie with which I fully intend to glut myself. Excellent.

So for today, I took the dental work as license to indulge myself in a little reading, a little TV watching, and a little napping. And a fair amount of Tylenol popping.

Soup for lunch, which Mumford (the black and white cat from hell--see blog category "my cat's an asshole") licked while it was heating on the stove. I ate it anyway. Couscous and bananas for supper, which Eliot pronounced "licious!"

All of that bothersome grading can wait 'til tomorrow. Or the next day. Or maybe Sunday evening before I go back to work again on Monday...;)


{melissa} said...

ugh. worst. hope you feel better soon!

Amy said...

Good luck with the tooth - I had all four of mine out at once .... yikes! That really did hurt.
I realised I've answered your question in my comments section when I could have replied here - sorry. I really hope you will be able to indulge by Thursday, we don't have a Thanksgiving equivalent in Australia - I think we should, it is a great concept for a holiday.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. I dread dental work and am so sympathetic. I hope it is all better by Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time off.