Giving thanks and looking back.

Yesterday was yum. Mile high mashed potatoes, ham, turkey, gravy, dressing, noodles, rolls, green beans, beets, cornbake, assorted veggies, pickles, black olives, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cheesecake...

I should point out, too, that this picture was taken before the full spread was out on the table. It was quite a feast!

We're gearing up for round two at my mom's house tomorrow. I still have deviled eggs to make yet tonight! Better get going on that.

I've been working on my 365 album, trying to fill in the gaps and get it up to date so that I can actually finish it as soon after the end of 2009 as possible. It will be awesome to actually finish a project for once!

Here are just a few pages from this year. 2009 pretty well kicked my ass, but I think it's nice to have recorded everything anyway. And looking at photos of Mog from January compared to the most recent ones: priceless! He has changed SO much. We were flipping through the pages together this evening and he saw many in the beginning of the album of him with his pacifier in his mouth. He said, "Hey! Where's my nukkie?" I reminded him that we don't have them anymore because pacifiers are for babies and he's a big boy now. He was all, "Oh yeah. That's right," as though he had just forgotten for a moment. Too funny. 

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Nellie Mae said...

Looks completely fantastic so far! WOW! I am impressed!