The pity party stops NOW!

Okay, seriously. I read that last post to proofread (after I had already posted it, cause that's how I roll), and I was totally disgusted with myself.

The truth is, life is good. Despite everything, or because of everything, life is really quite good.

And so I've compiled a short list of things that make me happy RIGHT NOW, this very moment.

A: This picture. And not because of me and my niece, though we are obviously both adorable. No, this picture makes me happy because I've inadvertently captured my oldest nephew in the background, in all of his perfectly orchestrated teenage poise. Ha! (God, I how I loved being 16. Lie! That is a lie! I did not.)

B: This plate of food, which I had the pleasure of devouring last Saturday, while on a shopping trip with dear Momma and the lovely Libby. Yes, I take pictures of my food. Why? Because it makes me happy. So suck it.


D: Papa John's ham and pineapple pizza.

E: This mess:

F: That Mog has been nuk-free for an entire week with little to no fuss. Big boy! (but I might just miss soulful looks like this one:


G: I'm wearing a skirt that Cake gave me and I look super-cute today! It's true: just ask my dad. He witnessed the cuteness; I had lunch with him today. :)

H: I had lunch with my dad today!

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Adriane said...

Grandaddy, the forever optimist, would be so proud of this post!