A mind at work.

This morning Eliot was looking through one of my scrapbooks and stopped at a picture of his cousin Zayda. He began babbling incoherently and pointing at the page. So I said, "Yes, that's Zayda. Can you say 'Zayda'?" But he pointed insistently at the buttons framing her photograph, so I said, "Oh, you mean buttons? Those are buttons." And he immediately pulled up his pajama shirt and pointed to his bellybutton! I had to laugh. The way he makes connections like that amazes me.

Later in the afternoon, we were all sitting on the front porch and I absent-mindedly commented to Eli, "Man, it's hot out here." Hearing me say the word "hot," Eliot pursed his lips and began blowing out air. (Like we would do for bites of hot food before eating them.)

Another day this week we were out for a stroller ride and Eli and I were talking to each other; I mentioned something about the cat, and sure enough, the meowing started up from the stroller, and our boy meowed for another two blocks! Only he says, "Bao bao" instead of "mao mao" for some reason.

He's always listening, always pondering, always turning things over in his mind. I love the way his thought process is almost visible; I can tell by the expression on his face when he's thinking something through and when he comes up with some great idea. He'll cock his head to the side when he hears a noise, and then straighten back up when he realizes what it is--a motorcycle, a school bus, a train going by.

And he's so much a part of our conversations these days, with his own contributions. I love the way he joins in.

And his little bellybutton is pretty cute, too. :-)

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