I made that.

I went back through my photos to try to see how much I've stitched and crafted in the past year. Here's a look at what I made in 2012:

I'm most proud of the two small quilts I made, and the He-Man embroidery was my favorite project by far. It also makes me happy to realize that I gave away almost everything I made. Each piece was a gift, with the exception of the airplane embroidery and the Christmas stockings (and the stockings, of course, were for the whole family). I really enjoyed making all of these pieces, and I have big plans for more crafting, stitching, and quilting in 2013. :)


Lara said...

Way to go, if nothing else, you have spent some of your time on earth making others (and yourself) just a little bit happier, all by creating something and sharing. Here's to a very crafty 2013!

Erika Jean said...

Awesome work! Love your blog by the way!