Sometimes I still get crafty.

I wanted to make Steven a Spiderman cake for his birthday, and I was about 55% sure I could pull it off, never having decorated a cake before, but having witnessed my sister create several of her own masterpieces. I borrowed a cake pan from Aunt Lecia and gave it a go...and it turned out marvelously! I must admit, I had help on this. I don't think I would have gotten through the entire process without my BFF Tracy, who was also a cake decorating virgin up to this point. We managed to pull it off quite nicely, and Steven and his friends were properly dazzled and impressed.

It was really kind of fun to make, and now I'm looking forward to making a birthday cake for Eliot next year. I guess I better be on the lookout for tractor pans!

 In other birthday craftiness, I bought a super cool book recently, Simply Sublime Gifts, thinking the comic book wallet project would be the perfect gift for Steven.

Part of the fun was working on the project together--Steven chose pages with the images he wanted and figured out how to work the folds so that the images would fall in the right places. I ironed on the vinyl and sewed the edges. It turned out to be fairly easy to make.

Now I'm all flushed with the excitement of actually completing projects! :)


nancy said...

Awesome! It's hard for me to find crafts that my boy will like, so I'm super impressed!

Adriane said...

OK, I am super ticked! I have been working on cake decorating for 8 years now, and my cakes still don't look as good as your first. Not fair!

chksngr said...

AWESOME!! I love the wallet AND the cake! It turned out AMAZING!

Aunt lecia said...

I am impressed, but also bummed. You want to make Eliots cake next year! I have always made his cakes!!
O.K. Fine he is getting two cakes next year!!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Good for you! The cake looks amazing. So does the wallet. I was looking at that book at JoAnn last week.