You better love somebody.

I have some confessions to make today.

Several of my bloggy friends have done posts like this in the past (notably Nancy and Suzanne), so here is mine. Couldn't resist any longer. I'm really just an exhibitionist at heart. Like y'all didn't know that?!

1. This morning I woke up with a Rick Springfield song stuck in my head. I have no idea where it came from; I probably haven't heard this song since I was eight.

2. I have always hated the way my voice sounds.

3. I feel extremely guilty for not wanting to play cars with my son. It's just not that much fun, okay? I'm sorry!

4. No matter how many times I try it, I will never like sushi.

5. I fall in love too quickly and too strongly.

6. I've never met a chocolate I didn't like.

7. I miss my granddaddy.

8. I love talking to students one-on-one about their writing, but I hate grading papers.

9. I may very well be addicted to Pop-tarts.

10. I can talk about anything on the Internet, but I'm painfully shy in person.

Anyone else? Confessions? I'm still puzzling on the Rick Springfield thing. That must mean there are synapses in my brain that contain other information I haven't accessed in years. Mind-boggling!

What song has been stuck on your brain's playlist lately?


Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Good Day, Sunshine by the Beatles. I have been waking up with it in my head off and on for weeks. Ready for spring much?

Elecia said...

The golden girls theme song.(of course). When it comes on and Maggie hears it, she stops what she's doing, dances and laughs.
Yeah, that's my girl!

chksngr said...

Pop Tarts? Really? They don't seem like the kind of thing one could get addicted to...still...:-)

molly said...

Hi Rachel, the song stuck in my head today is 'we are gonna be friends' by the white stripes. i might have to do a post of this format myself soon.

Adriane said...

Waiting by John Waller. And I miss Grandaddy too.

nancy said...

Spectator by The Bravery.

Rachel said...

I love the White Stripes too! Maybe now I'll be humming that instead of the Springfield. ;)

Tracy said...

For some reason I got The Smurfs theme song stuck in my head at work the other day. Scary.
BTW, my first concert (at age 7) was Rick Springfield. I wish I still had the T-shirt.

Terri said...

"Imma Be" by the Black-Eyed Peas. Why does BEP always do that to me?! So hooky...yet so irritating.