Beware the OLD MAID.

The other day on Ebay, I found a set of Old Maid cards exactly like the set we had when we were little. I know I shouldn't be that amazed at the sexism inherent in this set (it was printed in the late sixties, after all), but I can't help but laugh in dismay looking through them.
Here are the lessons for children to absorb while playing this delightful game:

1) Doctors are boys. Professors are boys. Astronauts are boys.

2) Girls can be secretaries, nurses, teachers, or beauty pageant winners.

3) Whatever you choose to be, little girls, make sure you get married. Otherwise you will become the OLD MAID, a freftful, unfulfilled woman with nothing to do but knit. By all means, find your match! Find your match! Without a match, you are the OLD MAID! And we all know that the person who becomes the OLD MAID is the loser. Better start looking for a husband now.


Do kids still play this game?

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Elecia said...

I guess i never really got the connection that the old maid didn't have a match. I guess i just thought nobody wanted to get her because she was old. You know,"just wait till you get to be 80, won't be so funny then." by the way did you bid on these, or does mom still have ours, i liked this game. Although apparently i also didn't get the part about finding a match and then actually keeping it. We aren't keeping score in real life are we?