In the midst of an essay barrage.

Grandma Connie came to visit this weekend, taking care of Eliot while I graded papers pretty much all day Saturday and most of Sunday. I got a chance to get rid of some of the backlog of work that has been piling up on me, but I'm still behind. Oh well. I think if all goes well this week I might be caught up by Friday. One can hope.
Sometime Sunday as I was staring at the computer screen wondering why I was typing the same feedback over and over ("Your essay has no thesis statement. You need a thesis statement. Don't leave the introduction without providing a clear thesis statement for the reader.") I heard giggling...
Baby giggles and Grandma laughs were reverberating from somewhere downstairs. Needing a break anyway, I tiptoed down to do some spying and found Eliot helping Connie with the laundry. He was sitting in the laundry basket with clean sheets and pillowcases on his lap. He saw me and grinned that gigantic smile that takes up his whole face. What a goofball! I grabbed my camera and snapped what is probably the 3,000th picture of my little boy. If I knew how to post pictures I'd put it up here. Maybe later. Right now I'm sitting in my office wondering why one of the students whose essays I scrambled to grade over the weekend is fifteen minutes late for his conference...Argh. There is simply no justice.

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